World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day - Julie Johnson CoachingNovember 13th is World Kindness Day, and whilst it may seem an odd subject for a business blog, it seems perfectly apt to me to talk to you about being kind to yourself….

Why? Because so many of us naturally consider ourselves to be kind and considerate in our personal and business relationships. We act as best friend, confidante, inspiration, professional supporter, and motivator to our children, our friends, our colleagues, clients and prospects, yet when it comes to ourselves we often act very differently.

  • How many times have you berated yourself for doing something wrong?
  • How many times have you judged and criticised yourself for your failings?
  • How often do you think you’re no good, or not good enough, or you ‘should know better’?
  • How often do you compare yourself or your work unfavourably to others?
  • How often do you doubt yourself?

In my experience the answer is usually ‘far too often’, although most of the time I actually get a snort, a knowing smirk, or a ‘hmmmmmmmmm’ from those I ask!

And whilst this may seem like a small thing to acknowledge, it can actually have a major impact on your attitude, on your behaviour and consequently on your results, both in your business and in your life generally.

Now I know you probably feel you have enough on your plate as a business owner, dealing with everyday challenges, and issues without worrying about something else right?  Yet actually, being aware of how you are with yourself on a day-to-day basis, in terms of how you think, what you say and how you feel about yourself, can make it so much easier for you to make changes.

As I’ve said before, awareness is a key first step to consciously creating something different, to making changes that will get you different results.

Just think about what you’re trying to achieve with others when you’re kind and considerate to them.  You might want to help them feel better, let them know you care, let them know you understand, or show them that they’re in your thoughts.  Or, you might be pointing out that what they’re doing or saying is not helping them to achieve what they say they want, or that they are capable of so much more and that you believe in them.

And if you also think about how you yourself feel when someone is kind or considerate towards you -loved, appreciated, valued, respected, heard, understood, or believing in yourself more – then surely it makes sense to do this to and for yourself as much as you can?

Top Tip to be Kind to Yourself

Write down some of the things you say to other people, then say them to yourself when you recognise you need to be kind to yourself, and to be your own best friend.

Let’s banish this self-doubt, and paralysing procrastination once and for all.  It is possible, and it starts with awareness and a commitment to do something different.

World Kindness Day is a wonderful time to start don’t you think?

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