What Clients Are Saying About Working with Julie

Coaching and Training Services

Jane McHugh Testimonial“Before my VIP day and coaching sessions I felt I had lost my mojo and zest for the business. I felt like I was off track and wasn’t really sure if I wanted to keep going with it.

Julie’s coaching, which was down to earth, challenging yet supportive, made me look at my life as a whole and not just my business. She helped put me back on track by exploring what I really wanted and where I wanted to be.

Since working with Julie I have become much more focused in both my personal life and in my business. I have carved out more quality time for me and my partner. And I have put systems in place in order that the business can run better when I’m not there.

As a result I now feel excited about taking my business forward and also about having more quality time for us.”

Jane McHugh, Owner of The Red Lion, Alnmouth, Northumberland.

TBR_AGraves_Testimonial“I first met Julie when I attended a leadership and management training course for senior managers and was sufficiently impressed that we engaged her personally on a number of occasions over the past five years.

Julie is easy to work with, empathetic and insightful, and these characteristics help create strong and trusting working relationships which are so crucial to positive outcomes.

We have worked with Julie on two related set of projects.


Julie has worked with TBR’s executive team to help identify and resolve challenges which hold the business back. Examples include effective teamwork, time management, prioritisation and delegation.

Our work with Julie has proven very successful and has generated positive impacts and outcomes, including; more cohesive team working and support across the executive team, more effective delegation leading to time being freed up for senior management to guide and lead the business, better strategy setting and more effective implementation.

Leadership and Management Training

Julie’s work with TBR in this area has included the completion of a Strategic Leadership Review and leadership qualities diagnostic.

This led to the creation of a Development Plan for the executive team which was supported by external funding.

Julie delivered sessions with individual executives focused on the specific elements of their plans. In addition, one or more of our executive team has attended the following Masterclasses that Julie ran personally:

  •  Effective Leadership
  •  The Art of People Management
  •  Leading Learning & Development

Specific outcomes of the leadership and management training that Julie has delivered include; a greater focus on leadership and communication which has created a more cohesive team (resulting in reduced staff turnover), increases in productivity brought about by greater prioritisation, and greater confidence amongst the management team to identify and focus on the key priorities leading to better business performance.

I would highly recommend Julie to any business leader looking to resolve key issues or develop their leadership and management skills on a one to one basis.”

Andrew Graves, Managing Director, TBR

Franca Mongiardi - Julie Johnson Coaching Testimonial‘Before starting Julie’s 3 month Step into Success Coaching & Mentoring Programme I tended to treat my business as a “hobby”- with little in the way of business processes, or client/prospect information. I had suspected this was the case, and doing the coaching programme helped confirm this.

I’m really pleased with what I’ve achieved from working with Julie:

• I’ve developed a new programme called “5 Steps to Confident Relationships”

• I’m much more focused on the business and now have my priorities sorted

• I’ve grown up!

The biggest shift, for me, has been the “growing up” i.e. moving from treating the business as a hobby to making time to work “on” the business as well as “in” it. I am now much more organised and have a better handle on the mysteries of the “work/life balance”.  I’m keen to use all I have learnt from the coaching programme and particularly to roll out my “5 Steps to Confident Relationships” programme.

Thank you for all your support Julie!’

Franca Mongiardi, Holistic Therapist, www.novarte.co.uk

“I met Julie at a Success Club event and knew immediately she’d be able to help re-ignite my motivation and boost my business results.  

I was very new to business at the time, having set up without any help, and I was feeling increasingly ‘lost’ and indecisive about the direction I was going in.  I had a tendency to start a task filled with enthusiasm then as I got close to finishing my self-doubt would creep in.  I was constantly busy but didn’t feel like I was actually achieving much.  I knew I needed to work with someone with lots of experience who would challenge me and help me open up the way I was thinking so I could see my business from a fresh perspective.  

And that’s what Julie did.  I got 3 main benefits immediately I started working with her in my VIP session:

  1. Julie helped me to put the way I work with clients into a clear 3 part system, making it much easier to explain to clients in terms of the step by step process I use and the results each step achieves.
  2. She got me crystal clear on the benefits of my systematic approach to potential clients, by ensuring I could answer the question “So what?  What does that mean to me (my potential client)?”
  3. Julie also helped me to prioritise the most important next steps in my business and to develop a pricing structure.

At one point, when I was indecisive and starting to feel overwhelmed, Julie could see this and did a quick exercise which totally turned things around and quickly helped me to see the path I wanted to take.

As a result of working with Julie I finally have a new sense of direction and a business model that I am 100% happy with and excited by rather than feeling like I was missing something when working on my own.

I came away from my VIP session with Julie with a big smile on my face and feeling clear and excited about the future.  Several questions she asked have stuck with me and have been useful to ask myself in other situations – in life generally as well as in my business.   So I would definitely recommend that any business owner who wants to get really clear on their uniqueness, their content, marketing message and offers, to contact Julie”

Julia Harris, Calm Mum Coach,  www.CalmMumSecrets.com

“When I met and first started working with Julie I had no idea what impact she would have on me as a person, on my business or on my life.

At the time I was generally unhappy with life, had health issues, and was nervous about taking my business idea forward.  In addition I recognise I was also resistant to ‘spending money’ on a coach as I’d been through Virtual Assistant training, was skilled and experienced, had decided on my niche and thought I could do it on my own!

However, after immersing myself in Julie’s book, after attending her Step into Success in Business event, and after speaking to her, it became clear that I didn’t have real clarity around my target market, my ideal client, or what I would be able to do for them, so I made the decision to work with Julie through the start-up phase of my business.

This resulted in me getting 3 clients in my niche in my first 6 weeks of trading, proving to me that clarity about the type of clients I want to attract really works!  My life has also improved tenfold.  I am back at the gym again, and my social life and family life has improved with my kids so much happier having me around more.

My advice now to anyone setting up in business would be to get yourself a business coach/mentor, and to look at it as an investment that will save you time and money down the line.  A coach is also someone you can trust to give an objective view, and to be honest with you – something you can’t always rely on from family, friends, or colleagues.

I’ve worked well with Julie because her DANCE system is one that I could really relate to and I feel that she “gets” me.  I love her energy and enthusiasm.  She’s got me believing in myself more, not following the crowd but embracing my uniqueness, and she’s encouraged the “real me” to come out again.  She’s helped me establish my business and achieve the work/life balance I yearned for!”

Amanda Scurr,  Adminiscurr

Before coaching  with Julie I was working late and not making the best use of my time at work.  Effectively my work life balance was weighted towards work and I was not in control.

Since starting my coaching programme my thinking has changed – I am more positive and I do not let set-backs affect me in the same way they did previously.  I am happier both inside and outside work and  I feel empowered.  I leave the office on time much more often and I’m participating in more activities with my daughter.  I also now work one day a week from home, which as well as cutting back on travel time, has enabled me to be more pro-active in terms of my family, health and social life.  In turn this is having a positive impact on my work and I am now more productive.

I have greater clarity about the next steps in my career and life in general.  I am eager to make decisions rather than avoiding them as I have in the past, and I know I am the person in control of what I want to do.  Julie’s coaching and mentoring has helped me build confidence and think more clearly about how I balance my life for greater personal happiness and professional fulfilment.”

Sue, Solicitor

JoMcShane_Testimonial“I have benefitted so much from Julie’s inspiration, input, mentoring and coaching and these experiences combined are having a lasting and significant impact on my everyday work. I have discovered and been able to nurture my own unique Dance using an authentic style of leadership that reflects my values and has allowed me to give deep and lasting consideration to the role of my work and vocation in my life.  Thank you Julie!!”

Jo McShane, Director

“Julie is a rare thing. She has the gift of being a powerful coach who can change lives along with the creativity and business savvy that produces great results. She’s not afraid to give it her all, to move mountains and ensure that she has delivered her best no matter what the circumstances are. In a nutshell, Julie is one to watch.”


Alexandra Watson, Leading Happiness Coach, Success Mentor and Best-Selling Author

“Julie’s Step into Success in Business event provided me with exactly what I needed to clarify my thoughts about my business in a way that encouraged me to link it effectively and productively to my life. The exercises were challenging enough to push my thinking, and provided me with a great foundation to build on. The group was eclectic and all the better for it, with people willing to share dilemmas, ideas and offer support, from a wide range of business and life experience. Julie provided a wonderful environment, challenging insight and with that, a personal service.”

Sam Patterson, Developing People to Change Organisations

“As soon as I spoke to Julie I knew she could help me. At my VIP day she really understood me, my values, my business and what’s important to me. By going through this process with Julie it also made me look at myself and re-evaluate my key objectives, which was enlightening. By the end of the day we had identified everything that wasn’t working for me and put together a structure and a plan to help me focus on my business and the things important to me.

The follow up sessions (part of my VIP programme) were invaluable as what I initially thought I wanted changed, and it was only by going through the process with Julie that I came to realise this! With her help I adapted my initial plan and felt in control of my business. I am now more organised and my business is increasing because of this. I now make time in my working week to plan for the future, and it’s amazing how much easier work feels!!

Julie’s guidance and patience was invaluable. Thank you Julie!”

Caroline Parkinson, ENIGMA, http://www.myenigma.co.uk/

Book – Stepping into Success

Bernadette Doyle testimonial for Julie JohnsonBusiness and personal development combined in one easy read.  If you’re looking for inspiration, self motivation, renewed purpose, and passion – it’s here.  If you’re looking for a systematic, practical, step by step approach – it’s here.  And if you’re looking for a really good read that will give you a different perspective on you, your business and your life, then that’s here too!”

Bernadette Doyle, Client Magnets, Small Business Marketing Expert

“I highly recommend Julie’s skilled coaching and facilitation, her empowering approach and her enthusiasm for MY success in MY business. I also recommend Julie’s book ‘Stepping into Success’ as an inspiring read for anyone looking to make their dreams come true.”

Maria Whiteley, Author & Mickel Therapist at Self Help Mate, www.self-help-mate.co.uk


Step into Success Breakthrough Call

“The effect of Julie’s Step into Success call was profound on many levels. In a short space of time I gained insight into how my business is doing and how it interconnects with the rest of my life. Most importantly, I felt supported enough to explore very complex and difficult issues in a safe environment – in particular to look at what’s holding me back, how that impacts every aspect of my life (not just my business), and positive ways to move forward. I would definitely recommend Julie’s coaching and look forward to working with you again in the future Julie – Thank You.”

Helen Parry, Talk Fusion, www.globalvideomarketing.co.uk/helen

“The call I had with Julie came at just the right time for me.  Even though some of the discussion was quite challenging I felt very at ease during the conversation.  It definitely set me off in the right direction.”

Jane Pearce MBACP, Prydale Partners, Counsellor for Children and Young People, www.prydale.com

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