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Whether your challenges are related to time management, mindset, stress, managing yourself, your career, other people or even starting or growing your own business, I am committed to supporting you to create long-lasting change and more meaningful success.  Working with me means prioritising feeling good over other well known strategies for change.  It means you’re ready for a different approach, more happiness, and better results.  It means you’re ready to invest in yourself – money, emotional energy and time – because your results and the speed of your results are dictated by your level of investment…in yourself, rather than in me.

Ready to work with me in person?

Strategy Intensive Step into Success VIP Days

(1 to 1 and face to face) These transformational and inspirational coaching and mentoring days are for you if

You’re lost and need plenty of 1 to 1 support and handholding

You need a transformation

You want a quantum leap in your business or your life

Take a big leap forward in just 1 day and save yourself months or even years of frustration, heartache and worry. Can 1 day really make such a big  difference?  Absolutely! It’s the sheer intensity and expertise of Julie and her quirky, fun and energetic approach, as well as the focus purely on you, and the lifestyle and business you truly want, that makes all the difference.  It’s this that allows you to walk away from the day with clarity, an inner confidence and the strategy, actions, and focus to propel you forward quickly, as well as tools, tips and techniques to help you maintain your momentum.

Email support@juliejohnsoncoaching for more information or ring 0845 1662328. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Step into Success 3 month Coaching and Mentoring Programme

A powerful combination of VIP Day (1 to 1 and face to face) and Success Coaching and Mentoring (1 to 1 via phone)

This intensive combination is for you if

You know you need ongoing support

You know you have specific challenges with implementation, follow through or completing!

You want to be held accountable both for your actions and to your potential You need a transformation

This programmes embeds your learning and supports you to implement effectively.  Julie’s also there to ensure you continue to stretch and to grow, to help review and evaluate your actions and mindset, and to trouble shoot and problem solve if necessary.  In addition she helps you uplevel your thoughts, and she celebrates your successes with you.  She acts as your guide and holds you to what you want for yourself, for your life and for your business.  She is a true partner and a source of inspiration!

It’s this winning combination of a transformational VIP day plus ongoing support through Julie’s simple to follow DANCE system,  that makes the difference.  It allows you to walk away from the day with clarity, an inner confidence and the strategy, actions, and focus to propel you forward quickly, and the follow up coaching and mentoring support to help you stay the course and to use the tools, tips and techniques effectively to really maintain your momentum.

Email support@juliejohnsoncoaching for more information or ring 0845 1662328. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Success Coaching

Private coaching sessions (1 to 1 via phone)blocks of 4, 8 or 12 over 3 to 9 months

These powerful coaching sessions are for you if

You don’t know what to do first, or next star-bullet

You want to be held accountable star-bullet

You need real guidance and support star-bullet

You need more focus and increased productivitystar-bullet

These are laser-focused sessions to get you clear and unstuck, to blast through your major issues, fears, and struggles, to banish procrastination, and reconnect you with what’s important to you.  Julie expertly takes you through whatever is standing in your way to get you back on-track and feeling in control.

Email support@juliejohnsoncoaching.com or ring 0845 1662328 to get started. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Looking for Corporate or in Company Development Programmes?

Team Building and Team Away Days (using Irish Dance)

Julie also offers creative training and facilitation sessions in team building and leading teams to larger companies, associations and member organisations in the public, private and third sectors.  If you’re an HR or OD Manager, involved in talent development or wellbeing initiatives, get in touch.

For more information and to view a sample of her work (video) please email support@juliejohnsoncoaching.com or ring 0845 1662328. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Workshops and Events – stand-alone or as part of wider business, leadership, talent, personal development or well-being programmes

Julie’s next open event will be ‘Dancing Your Way to Success’ in April/May 2017, as a celebration of  International Dance Day.

Success Club Corporate programmes starting in 2017

Email support@juliejohnsoncoaching.com or ring 0845 1662328 if you wish to discuss how Julie’s training, facilitation or Success Club Corporate programmes might benefit you and your organisation.


Looking for online programmes, courses and products (rather than in-person support)?

Julie Johnson’s Success Club 

This club is for you if you’re not ready, willing or able to invest in in-person support with Julie, yet you still want help for specific problems

   You’re struggling to get everything done

   You’re wondering whether your current mind-set is holding you back

   You have secret ambitions for your business but you’re not sure how to achieve them

   You’re responsible for managing other people but you’re not sure how to get the best from them

For more information and to access free resources visit Julie Johnson’s Success Club website 


Not sure whether you’re ready to work with me yet?

If you’re struggling with something, feeling lost or unclear about what’s next for you, don’t ignore it, get help.

Download a free e-book from Julie Johnson’s Success Club website to get you started.

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