Giving as a way of receiving

Giving as a way of receiving is a misunderstood concept. I hear people in business say they don’t want to (or they’ve been told not to) give away their time or expertise for free or at reduced rates because it devalues their work.  And whilst I agree this is not a sustainable business model.  And that part […] Read more »

Do Not Focus on Others

When something goes wrong in your life or business, do not focus on others.  Instead focus on finding the right solution for you! Have you ever noticed that often when something goes wrong we focus on how it will appear to others, or on what others will think of us?  Worrying that it will make […] Read more »

Pay Attention

There is so much we can learn from everyday life to help us with our overall aim or purpose – whether that’s to be happier, healthier, more successful, financially free, or in a loving relationship. And so much we can learn about what happens to us to support us in achieving our goals – whether […] Read more »

7 Steps to Personal Change

Have you ever tried to make changes in your business or personal life, only to give up because it wasn’t working the way you planned?  Or you didn’t really have a plan?  Or you weren’t even sure of how you wanted it to be? What about the times you’ve tried to make an improvement, only […] Read more »

The Business Mentoring Gap

Business Mentoring Gap

As someone involved in business mentoring and coaching in the UK, this infographic makes for really interesting reading…………..What are your thoughts? As a small business owner do you recognise the value a business mentor can bring? If you currently use a business mentor?  What is your experience? If not, what’s stopping you?  And, where would you […] Read more »