International Day of Rural Women – Your Challenge

The United Nations (UN) International Day of Rural Women recognises that ‘rural women are key to achieving the transformational economic, environmental and social changes required for sustainable development.’ And although the UN’s focus today is on rural and agricultural development, their view that ’empowering women impacts not only on the well-being of individuals, families and communities, but also on […] Read more »

Lessons in Business from the Ryder Cup

Lessons in Business

I’ve just enjoyed a wonderful 3 days at Gleneagles in Scotland for the Ryder Cup golf competition between 2 world class teams from the USA and Europe.  The atmosphere was electric and the competition fierce.  And watching these golfers engrossed in their roles and ‘living’ their performances in such a public arena, got me thinking […] Read more »

Fun And Getting Things Done

Fun Days of the Week - Julie Johnson Coaching

You might be wondering what fun and the days of the week have got to do with running your business, and I’ll reveal all in a moment………… But first, have you noticed how we often associate different attributes with different days of the week? For example, Mondays fill some with dread, Fridays we’re thankful for, Saturdays […] Read more »

Service Based Business Owner Success Tips

service based business - video interview

Are you a service based business owner?  Do you sell your expertise?  Are you a coach, consultant, trainer, teacher, speaker, or author?  An accountant, web designer, HR, finance, marketing or social media expert?  A therapist,  adviser or mentor? Then this video is for you. In the video I’m interviewed by a local video production company, Candle […] Read more »

How to Commit vs Make a Decision

How many times do you make a decision, then doubt whether it’s the right one for you?  Or worry that it might not take you where you want?  Or wonder what other people will think of it or you? How many times do you talk yourself out of a decision using so-called ‘logic’?  How often do you second-guess, and go round in […] Read more »