Engage…….Are You Engaged?

engageAs a small business owner you’ll no doubt have heard that engagement is key to achieving more – with your clients, prospects, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.  And if you regularly communicate with, ask questions of and listen to these groups, then you are probably engaging……….but the question I asked is ‘are you engaged?

So what’s the difference?

Well the first is about you being interesting, about you getting others interested in you and your business, talking to you and talking about your business to others.  And the second is about you being interested……….not only in those with a connection to your company, but also, are you interested in learning, developing and growing?  Are you engaged in and with your life?

Now this might seem a strange question, given that you’re reading this.  However, there is so much information, often free and almost always readily available, that it can be easy not to fully engage, to skim the surface and not go deep in order to understand, analyse, judge or make decisions, to agree or disagree.

So let me ask you, particularly if you subscribe to get regular updates from me…….

  • Do you expect and look forward to your weekly Wednesday Success Tips?
  • Do you usually read them?
  • Does my writing (or speaking, if video) connect with you on an emotional level?
  • Do you feel you know me any better?  Trust me more?  Or have a better understanding of how I might help you?

I often get emails after sending out an update or Success Tip, yet rarely get comments on my blog.  So I’ve been contemplating……….

Might it be that you get too much information, none of which seems important enough to make the time to read?

Or that the information is no longer relevant to you?

I know that sometimes we subscribe to mailing lists in order to have access to something very specific, without necessarily thinking about the regular follow up emails we’ll continue to receive.  And I also know that if you’re not great at managing your inbox or your time then the amount of information ‘to read’ might seem overwhelming.

Yet the solution is simple……….

Commit to really engage with a smaller number of people/companies via their newsletters and emails.  Choose those you feel most connection to.  Read, ask questions, take a stand and voice your opinion.  That way you’re likely to get so much more benefit – learning, understanding, and specific actions to take, as well as opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and being.

So please do engage – let me know your thoughts right here on my blog.  Be bold and be public.


Move on (and if you’re a subscriber, unsubscribe!)

I won’t take it personally.  I won’t be offended.  I will understand.

Because life’s too short.  I really want to engage with people who are fully engaged themselves.  I want to touch the lives of people who are genuinely interested in my message – in what I do, in how I talk about it, and in how I help.  People who are committed and engaged…………..Is that you?





P.S. I have some exciting news coming up I think you’re going to love 🙂

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