About Julie Johnson & Stepping into Success

Julie is known as the Step into Success Coach because she’s on a mission to help you achieve real success – to build a business or a career that supports the lifestyle you want for you and your family, and to connect to who you truly are……..modelling a different, more feminine way of  living and working

  • where struggle and exhaustion are NOT the norm
  • where looking after yourself is NOT selfish
  • where a lifestyle business is NOT just a hobby providing you with limited income
  • where you CAN have it all ON YOUR TERMS

By ‘Being the change you wish to see in the world.’

Julie believes the old ways of working are changing.  The way we do business is changing. More and more women are setting up in business, yet the masculine models remain.  Women and men are finding that these models no longer work or are a fit for how they want to live their lives.  There are still too few modelling a different way.  She sees many in the business and corporate world who are either struggling to get the clients and cash they want, OR they’re struggling with the effects of success and the long hours and hard work culture that prevails.

Julie helps people build their work or their business in a way that fully reflects who they are as a person and the life they want for themselves.  She flips traditional business building on its head and puts you at the centre.  You are the start point and focus for creating a ‘feel good,’ profitable business or career, and a ‘feel good,’ fun-filled life.  She uses her DANCE system as the foundation for all her in person programmes and services for individuals and groups. 

Founder of Julie Johnson’s Success Club

Julie Johnson’s Success Club developed from an offline community of successful women, and now incorporates products and on-line resources to help business owners, managers and professionals – women and men – with 4 very specific challenges.  How to manage yourself, your mindset and your time, so that you can grow your own business or better manage others.  It’s for managers, business leaders and professionals who want a different approach, a better way to improve their situation.  And it’s for these, and others going through major life events, who want to learn how to cope with stress, and how to think more positively about their future.  Julie established her Success Club for those not ready or not willing to pay for her one-to-one,personal support.

Nearly 30 years of Personal/Business Development, and Leadership Experience

Julie has worked in HR, Training, Consultancy, Project Management and Management since 1985 and run her own business since 2002.  She is an accredited member of the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC), a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD), and a Fellow of The Institute of Leadership and Management (FInstLM). She was a champion Irish dancer and continues to teach Irish dancing to adults as well as learn new dance forms herself.  She and her business have been featured in online and offline business publications, newspapers and on BBC radio.  She was also a finalist in the WIN NE Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and is a Sage Business expert, recognised for her contribution to the business community, her knowledge, influence, and on-line presence.

Speaker, Author, Blogger


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Julie is also a speakerauthor, contributing author, and blogger.  She is a platinum level expert author at Ezinearticles and has been a featured guest blogger e.g. for the Sage UK business blog.

How Julie Succeeded Through DANCE

Julie’s love of Irish dance, as a competitor and a band member travelling the world, was the inspiration for her DANCE System. However, it was much more than the physical aspect of dancing that inspired her.

Believing that too much information in the field of business and career success was from a masculine viewpoint – with the emphasis on strength and force – on pushing through, battling, and competing for business, Julie set about defining what had worked for her, and researching her clients and other successful business owners, professionals and managers.  What she found confirmed her own views that:

  • Dance helps you get in touch with your feelings, and feeling good about yourself and your work has a hugely beneficial effect on your performance and on your results.
  • Dance allows you to connect not only with your feelings, but with your heart and soul – your inner wisdom, and this helps you be more creative in your approach to issues and challenges.
  • Dance takes you out of your head, where you get stuck by thinking and worrying too much, and reconnects you to your inner spark.
  • Dance is a more feminine approach of allowing rather than forcing.

All of which enabled Julie to develop her holistic System – a more feminine  approach to success, resulting in a successful business, fulfilling work, greater contribution, a healthy balance in your life and a more confident and happy You!

How You Too Can DANCE Your Way to Success

Julie’s System works on two levels:

  • As a step by step approach with each of the letters in DANCE a step in her system
  • As a metaphor for You as the Dancer of your Life Dance, here to enjoy your DANCE and showcase it in your own fabulous Show. The platform you use to connect to your audience – your customers, colleagues and loved ones – is your Business, your Stage.  DANCE guides you to become the Star on your Stage and to Step into meaningful Success for yourself.

On a Personal Note

Julie lives in the wonderful North East of England with her husband of 26+ years, and is Mum to two adult children.  She danced competitively in her early years and was placed 2nd in Great Britain and 9th in the World Irish Dance Championships.  For the next 10 years she danced with a folk band and travelled the world, dancing in places as far afield as Orkney and Syria.  Since having children she’s remained involved with Irish dancing and also practices other forms of dance.  She loves to travel, read and walk, as well as to spend time in her recently designed garden.

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