5 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

5 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

As I write this there are only ten weeks to the end of the year, and unless you run a seasonal business with Christmas as your busiest period, you might be wondering how you can finish the year strong and end on a high?

Have this years goals been achieved, or are they likely to be?  Are you confident in your plans?  Are you clear about what to focus on each week between now and 31st December to ensure this is a great year?  If so that’s fantastic, you don’t need to read any further!  But if not……

Are you wondering where the year’s gone and how you can possibly be into Christmas season already?  Are you considering giving up on your goals and plans?  Thinking you might just have to leave it till 2017…..to make that the year you really go for it?

If so, PLEASE STOP for a minute………

  • Didn’t you set goals that you really wanted to achieve this year?
  • Weren’t these important things you wanted to progress in order to make this year better than the last?
  • Didn’t you really commit this time?

Yes?  Well then, it’s time to stop letting yourself off the hook.  And paradoxically, it’s also time to stop beating yourself up about not achieving, about unrealistic plans, about life getting in the way, about not enough time, money, focus, or whatever else you think you’re lacking.

Because you set goals for a reason.


There is still time!

Now is the time to get real about the cost of you giving up a full 10 weeks before the end of the year.  Now is the time to get motivated about how to finish the year strong.  Because this is about

  • Your attitude and  how you feel about your situation
  • Getting crystal clear on what’s important to complete, and what’s okay to leave
  • Realising that you cannot control everything.  There will be some things within your control and others outside.  Your goals and plans need to include only what’s in your control
  • Creating a sense of urgency, and focusing relentlessly on the activities that will mean you achieve your goals

What can you achieve in 10 weeks?   You can

  • Set up your business, start marketing and attract your first client/s
  • Massively increase your followers on social media, engage with them and build a list of highly targeted prospective customers and referral partners
  • Research your ideal clients, create a compelling offer for a product/service and get sales
  • Write a book (and secure a publisher/self publish)
  • Create a high end programme based on what your current and past clients want
  • Sell your first on-line product and start to create and deliver
  • Reconnect with prospects, have sales conversations and get new clients

I’m not suggesting anything I wouldn’t or couldn’t do myself here.  In fact  I’ve already done some in fewer than ten weeks e.g. I wrote my book in draft form in 4 weeks and within another two secured a publisher.  And some of them I’m actively working towards right now.

So what’s your big goal for this year?  The one you need to focus on to finish the year strong?

Here are 5 ways to generate more clients and income quickly to achieve your financial goal for the year:

  1. Stop networking with new contacts and reconnect with previous contacts
  2. Stop hiding behind emails and pick up the phone.  This way you’ll get to know quickly whether people are really interested in what you offer
  3. Have actual sales conversations rather than general meet-ups/conversations i.e. where you propose how you can help, state what it costs, and discuss any concerns
  4. Make a specific offer to your current and past clients and prospects, and follow up with them if necessary
  5. Be firm with friends, family and work colleagues, by saying no to requests for your time

So, which will you focus on?

It doesn’t matter which you choose, as long as you choose at least one.  The aim here is to get crystal clear on your goal, to create a definite plan, and a schedule of what you need to do on a daily and weekly basis.  This will mean ditching the unproductive work – because in all likelihood you’re doing things you already know aren’t effective, or you’re wasting time procrastinating, worrying, or doubting yourself.

There really is no time for doubt, or for any distractions.

Now is the time for action – urgent action – and a real focus on what will make the difference for you in what left of this year.

I believe in you.  Now go get started!