The One Thing (Productivity Tip)

Productivity TipIf there’s one thing I’ve learned, and this is my favourite productivity tip, to get me and my clients super-focused in the run up to a quarter or year end, a project deadline, big event, or even a holiday,  it’s to do the one thing you know will get you the best results and leave the rest!  

Because you always know what that one thing is, and often you resist it – for seemingly good reasons.

And you also know that the world won’t end if you don’t do every other thing on your to-do list!

So what’s your one thing?

Commit to doing that to finish strong.

I’m with you, I believe in you, and I’ll be doing the same thing too!

And remember, if you want my help to get really clear on your most important goals, to get you super-focused, and get encouragement, support and accountability too, then check out Success Club Personal quarterly small group coaching programmes.

And if you want to be held accountable for doing your one important thing, then let me know what that is.  Take action on this productivity tip right now………You can connect with me on Twitter, on Facebook or LinkedIn…There’s nothing like public accountability to focus your mind 🙂

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